Release 7.98 09/01/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.98 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Thumbnail improvements

With this new release, we’ve improved the way we handle thumbnails for your media clips, to make this a bit more flexible and future proof.

We now support multiple thumbnail sets in different aspect ratios and allow you to set a default thumbnail for each of these sets. This means your media clips can now have a landscape, portrait and square thumbnail for example.

By default, we generate a thumbnail based on the aspect ratio of your media clip and allow you to manually add one or multiple new thumbnails in different aspect ratios.

We’ve also introduce a new cropping tool, that allows you to select a frame from your media clip and save it as a thumbnail in any of the supported aspect ratios.

Prebid overhaul & support for Ad Schedules

We’ve completely overhauled the interface for managing and creating Prebid auctions on your publication. This should make it easier to set it up and apply it to your video content.

Additionally, we’ve introduce a Prebid Actions mechanism, that allows you to create reusable auction configurations, that you can easily apply to your Ad Units and Ad Schedules. This will make it easier to apply Prebid to all of your monetization needs.

  • Added the option to add numeric fields to custom fields
  • Added support for companion files for content ingest (.srt files)
  • Upgraded standard quality to 2000kb
  • Fixed an issue with the URL import feature
  • Fixed an issue with lock aspect ratio being misplaced
  • Fixed styling issues with checkboxes form fields in the studio
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the checkboxes in the OVP
  • Fixed an issue with React and the new player skin
  • Fixed an issue with using multiple VAST renderer scripts on the same page
  • Fixed an issue with the VAST renderer not being able to reliably create more than one player

Player skin

  • Fixed an issue with sometimes displaying double icons in the player end screen
  • Fixed an issue with skin overlay on interactive end screen
  • Fixed an issue with the player top gradient being visible when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed an issue with hover controls remaining visible
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the settings icon and panel when disabling the progress bar
  • Fixed an issue with share option available, even if no share options set
  • Fixed the progress bar not being usable in slider components


  • Fixed an issue with the Chromecast icon displaying behind the timecode/timestamp on smaller display sizes¬†
  • Fixed an issue with native SDK skin endscreen elements going out of view
  • Fixed an issue with iOS stats displaying incorrectly