Release 7.86 11/07/2022

We’re pleased to release the 7.86 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Mention user in React

With the mention options, you can directly address your comment to a specific React user. If you want to draw their attention to something, or want to confirm that you’ve read their message, you can mention them by simply typing the @ character and selecting them from the list of available users. Mentioned users will be highlighted in your comment.

Once a user has been mentioned, they will receive an email notification (if enabled) indicating that they have been mentioned on a React page.

If you quickly want to see all the messages you’ve been mentioned in, you can easily filter the list of comments on those that contain a mention with your name.

Scene detection for ad schedules

With this new addition to our ad schedules feature, we introduce a mechanism that allows you to better align ad breaks with the content. We will look for scene changes in the content and show ad breaks when this happens close to your configured intervals. If no scene changes can be detected, we fall back to the original interval.

This will mean less unpleasant interruptions for your viewers and a better overall viewing experience.

  • You can now easily replace a subtitle file by uploading an updated version. It will automatically be opened in our editor, allowing you to quickly check and edit this file
  • You can now replace the source file for one of your images within the OVP
  • We improved the embedding of Channels on webpages 
  • Fixed an issue where single word searches did not lead to results
  • Improved handling of YouTube accounts that lack the required permissions
  • Fixed an issue where the styling of the live stream fields broke
  • Fixed an issue with removing a clip filter in the Analytics dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where clips could be removed from the flow in the Flow Analysis
  • Fixed a bug to navigating to playlists within smart playlists in the OVP
  • Fixes a bug with double rows for short playlists in carousels on wide screens
  • Fixes an issue where the playlist preview would sometimes include itself
  • Fixed transcode frame rate detection