Release 7.82 16/05/2022

We’re pleased to release the 7.82 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

AWS credentials and feed management

We now have a built in method of creating AWS S3 credentials through our OVP. This makes it easy to integrate with your AWS S3 connectivity. To further support uploads from AWS S3, we have introduced new datafeed options for AWS S3 to further support its integration.

Use KPIs in Projects

We’ve made it possible to use the number of shows and clicks on a widget within the Studio. These numbers can be used, for example, to show a poll with actual results, but the possibilities to use these metrics are basically endless. It will allow you to create even more engaging interactive projects.

New input types in the Studio

The Studio now supports a selection of the available input types that HTML5 offers. These input types make it easier for the user to add specific data like emails and phone numbers. Next to this, we now support the date input type, which will rely on a native date picker to select a specific date.

The input types that we now support in the Studio are:

  • Text

  • Date

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Number

Subtitle editor

With our new subtitle editor, you will be able to easily create and manage your subtitles from within the OVP. The new editor shows you the changes you make to your subtitles in real-time and offers some help with the correct formatting of the subtitles.

  • Searching for titles in our analytics API is now case insensitive.

  • No quotation marks are needed when searching for multiple words.

  • Improved the creation of valid URLs in our SDK while combining assets.

  • Billable hours are now displayed in the Lineups screen.

  • Our new code editor is now also available in the Studio.

  • Fixed an issue where views for a playlist were logged as a regular media clip view.

  • Fixed an issue with the “2h+” duration filter.

  • Fixed an issue where a filterset triggered a false error message

  • Fixed an issue with the reordering of KPIs

  • Fixes a bug where react users did not see their email address in their profile

  • Fixed an issue with unassigning an Ad Schedule from a Playout

  • Removed empty worksheet from the Ad Schedules report