Release 7.79 04/04/2022

We’re pleased to release  the 7.79 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We now show connected Ad Schedule on Advertisement tab in Playout settings
  • Added the option to navigate to URLs in our new Analytics dashboard
  • Reinstated the “Top 10 mediaclips” view in our new Analytics dashboard
  • Removed the “In view” metric from Ad Schedules dashboard
  • Use labels value when creating filters in Mediaclip library
  • Updated our HLSJS version to the latest
  • Implemented several small changes to our Lineups feature to give more insights in its status
  • Fixed that the player control bar background was blocking clickable area’s behind it during commercial playback (i.e. vpaid controls)
  • Fixed embed code not updating when selecting playout
  • Fixed an issue where the playout background color was visible on certain screen widths
  • Fixed a bug that caused smart playlists to contain themselves in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube exported mediaclips didn’t include the subtitles
  • Fixed an issue with the date range picker
  • Fixed an issue with a spurious HLS asset after quality switch
  • Fixed a bug where some reports would only contain analytics metrics from the current month
  • Fixed secure content previews in the OVP