Release 7.76 21/02/2022

We’re pleased to release the 7.76 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

We introduce support for ChromeCast and AirPlay to our native SDKs. This allows app developers to add cast functionalities to the videos within their application. Casting can be initiated from within the player itself, but we also added the option to initiate casting from outside of the player.
While casting, the user will have access to both a fullscreen and minimised control interface allowing them to take control of the playback of their content. Next to this, once connected to a cast device, the user can always initiatie the casting of a new/another video.
  • We now show a warning, instead of an error, when a RSS feed contains errors
  • We added the possibility to use remote thumbnail urls in XML files
  • We’ve added the option to configure a secondary/back-up live stream within the OVP
  • We’ve enabled the new Channels styling for everyone and made this the default option
  • We’ve enabled the option to upgrade an old Channel to the new Channel styling
  • Fixed an issue in the studio where it was impossible to perform a seek action on an audio widget
  • Fixed an issue where the floating player would behave glitchy when having a non 16:9 video
  • Fixed an issues where certain special characters are not supported in playlist titles
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled jobs in live controller may hang