Release 7.66 20/09/2021

We’re pleased to release the 7.66 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We’ve added the option to trim media clips directly from the media clip details. You can either replace the source file with this trimmed version, or create a new mediaclip with the trimmed version as its source.
  • We’ve upgraded to version 12 of Angular, meaning we’re on the latest version
  • We’ve upgraded to version 6 of FontAwesome which means we have access to many more icons and icon styles
  • We’ve updated the transcoding profiles meaning we will have increased quality for our 720 and 1080 assets
  • We’ve improved the default quality of our thumbnails
  • We improved Float to DOM video player behaviour when scrolling
  • We set use once per clip as the default when creating a new pre/post-roll instead of once per load
  • Fixed an issue where certain settings prevented the big play button from showing
  • Fixed an issue with tags containing a hashtag not being listed
  • Fixed an issue with formdata Excel output not always containing the correct set of columns
  • Fixed panning in the project flow analysis not working anymore
  • Fixed an issue with the Float to DOM option not following the DOM element smoothly
  • Fixed an issue that showed shared mediaclips in the dashboard when coming from “import from publication”
  • Fixed subtitles ‘Off’ option not shown in Swedish
  • Fixed an issue with the colors that are displayed in the playout list