Release 7.56 04/05/2021

We’re pleased to release the 7.56 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We removed the gender field from user profiles
  • We’ve added an embeddable player link to our MRSS feeds, so that RSS readers in CMSs like WordPress can more easily add a playlist with playable content to their page.
  • We’ve implemented a solution to help us serve lower quality assets for ads that are too big for Google’s new Heavy Ad Intervention checks.
  • Fixed an issue with in view behaviour for AMP embeds
  • Fixed an issue where advanced reports: filterset “Title” were case sensitive
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not do proper inview calculations when the inview margin was set to nothing
  • Fixed an issue where fullscreen video displayed in lower left corner on Android devices
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause the skip ad button to become unclickable
  • Start and pause screen were simultaneously visible when preroll and audio are required for autoplay