Release 7.55 19/04/2021

We’re pleased to release the 7.55 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We made it possible to add an external endpoint to forms in our Studio, so that the contents of that form can be sent directly to that endpoint.
  • We added the option to override playout options to the Prebid/VAST renderer
  • We added an option to remove the animation when floating the player to a DOM element. If set, we now simply snaps to that position.
  • Playlist filter (“created date”) fails to be displayed in the OVP, despite being saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue with player margins being incorrect after snapping back from float
  • Fixed ‘only when pre-roll ad available’ setting visibility
  • Interactive widgets are not visible when playout has autoplay setting turned on
  • Fixed issue with creation of a new custom field
  • Fixed a small regression we experience for 360 degrees videos
  • Fixed an issue where project stats were placed in the wrong cells
  • Columns no longer shown in reports
  • Fixed an issue with ad layer becoming unclickable in rare situations