Release 7.125 05/02/2024

We’re pleased to release version 7.125 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We’ve upgraded to Prebid 8, featuring new features and improvements enhancing ad-serving capabilities and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • We’ve added a message handler to the studio that can be used to trigger actions whenever the interactivity has been loaded.
  • We upgraded our speech to text integration to provide better automated subtitles.
  • Improved display of scheduled posts for social media and added an icon to showcase that a field was filled automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where clickthru URLs did not work for hosted SIMID tags. 
  • Fixed issue where cloned playouts appeared to inherit advertising settings from the original playout. Now, cloned playouts’ advertising tabs are empty by default.
  • Fixed an issue with setting an audiotrack within the Studio.
  • Fixed the highlights button having no background.
  • Fixed an issue with HLS livestream previews in the OVP.
  • Fixed issues with Gifs and transparent png display.
  • Fixed interactive studio issues with player widget animations.


  • We now support Swift Package Manager in iOS.
  • iOS now supports up to Google IMA 3.19.1.
  • Fixed a situation where duplicate qualities were shown on iOS and Android.
  • Fixed an issue when undoing full screen on iOS