Release 7.120 13/11/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.120 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Improved our quality selector to automatically pick more relevant formats
  • Improved error messages when connecting a faulty Instagram account
  • We introduced a new PHP endpoint for adding JSON-LD to your page before Google indexing
  • We now disable keyboard shortcuts in pre-live cases.
  • Added translations, character limits and shadows to soft embargo
  • Fixed an issue with comments in React displaying empty
  • Fixed an issue with the cloning of HLS assets
  • Fixed an issue with Safari showing subtitle options for a Live video without subtitles.
  • Fixed an issue with soft embargo in combination with simulated live
  • Fixed an issue with¬† the generation of new uploadIdentifiers
  • Fixed an issue with HLS in combination with Avoiding preload
  • Fixed an issue with HLS manifests deleted when chunks are not in same directory


  • UMP consent management is now available for iOS
  • Android now uses an improved custom Chromecast receiver
  • Fixed an concurrent modification exception on Android
  • Upgraded exoplayer to 2.19.1
  • Upgraded to Ktor 2.2