Release 7.114 21/08/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.114 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.


Highlights are here! The new feature allows you to highlight specific moments in your video and to direct viewers to specific parts. While being similar to chapters in some ways, Highlights focus on a specific moment in time and have their own customised look and feel.

This new feature can now be found under the Chapters and Highlights tab and allows you to:

  • Add Highlights to on demand video content
  • Display and interact with Highlights on the progress bar 
  • Show an overview of available Highlights  
  • Easily convert existing Chapters into Highlights
  • You can now disable hotkeys from the context menu.
  • Improved WCAG compliance.
  • Updated Twitter to the new “X” naming.
  • Fixed an issue with quality selection and HLS.
  • Fixed an issue with some qualities not showing when having multiple HLSes for different qualities.
  • Fixed a situation where MP4 was preferred over HLS.
  • Fixed an issue with audio being out of sync for generated mp4 from a video recording.
  • Fixed an issue with autoplay in combination with Channels.


  • Fixed an issue with the pre-roll not playing after switching tabs.
  • Fixed an issue with the mute icon not reflecting the correct muted state on Android.
  • The Accent color is now used when set in the Playout settings.
  • Thumbnails now keep displaying for audio files when the play button is pressed.
  • Related clips now correspond to how they are set in the playout settings.
  • Pre-rolls now listen to the play/pause button settings from the ad units screen.