Release 7.113 07/08/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.113 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Ad services dashboard

We’re happy to introduce the new Ad Services dashboard that contains relevant metrics and insights for our Ad Services clients. This dashboard shows metrics on Instream, Outstream and Ad Schedules implementations.

With this new dashboard, we focused on making the available metrics more visual to help our clients easily parse the information on it. This means that we introduce a couple new components like:

  • Sparklines; A low-fidelity visualisation of the evolution of a specific metric
  • Trends; Information on how a metrics performs compared to its performance over a previous period
  • Added new Prebid adapters – Trade Desk, Smaato, Adnuntius, TrafficGate
  • Improved statistics in Analytics for VAST Renderer
  • Improved Ad Schedule inventory tracking
  • Fixed an issue with updating properties for multiselected widgets.
  • Fixed an issue with the geoblocking filter.
  • Fixed an issue with player not showing in-app on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with subtitles automatically displaying in Safari with HLS.
  • Fixed an issue with deleted projects appearing in a list while deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where prerolls displayed on default playout preview
  • Fixed various issues with player floating behavior


  • Fixed an issue with an error on Android where a font could not be loaded.
  • On Android Video time now displays under play buttons when turned on.
  • Our SDK now listens to InView % set in the playout settings.