Release 7.103 20/03/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.103 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Button widget

We’re introducing a new button widget, which will allow users to easily add and style a button to their interactive projects. This button can be styled to your liking by changing properties like the border radius, background colour and alignment of the button label.


Additionally, you can also configure the hover state of your button(s) and easily add actions on the different events like clicking on the button.


Next to the introduction of the button widget, we’ve also made some changes to the UX of our Studio, which makes the configuration options for widgets more accessible and in line with modern design tools. 

Playback speed control for audio player

You can now control the playback speed for audio files when using the audio version of our new player skin. This allows listeners more control over their listening experience.

Google Analytics upgrade

We prepared for the shift of Google analytics from version 3 to 4. Starting the 1st of July 2023, Google will stop processing data for version 3. Until then, we support both versions and our platform is able to automatically recognise the version to use based on measurement ID prefixes.

  • Improved handling of interrupted live streams
  • Improved our global performance 
  • Fixed an issue with the image widget’s toggled state
  • Fixed an issue with the visibility of centre controls when autoplay is not allowed
  • Fixed an issue with the trim player being too wide on small screens
  • Fixed an issue with the ad impressions logged in reports
  • Fixed an issue with reports “all time views”
  • Fixed an issue with speech2text failing to generate transcriptions with certain assets
  • Fixed analytics data not being returned accurately when requesting per minute
  • Fixed an issue when having HLS with multiple subtitles in Safari
  • Fixed audio tracks not showing in Safari with HLS


  • Added an extra safety net to prevent wrong color values from creating crashes