Release 7.101 20/02/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.101 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Thumbnail sets in Channels

With the introduction of the new thumbnail options in the OVP, we already spotted that this would be relevant for our Channels functionality. So this release, we are launching support for thumbnail sets in Channels. 

You can now configure which thumbnails should be used for the carrousel, slider and grid elements within your Channel, giving you even more control over the looks of your Channel!

For playlist items that don’t have a thumbnail in the configured set available, we generate a version of the original thumbnail in the desired aspect ratio.

Item detail page in Channels

Speaking of Channels, we will also introduce a new option in Channels called the item detail page, which allows you more flexibility in how their videos are played back within a Channel.

The item details page can be seen as the landing page for a single clip, that shows additional information such as the item’s description, a nice visual background and related items in a single view.

Thumbnail set configuration

And speaking of thumbnail sets, we’ve added the option to manage the available thumbnail sets per publication. 

This allows publication admins to determine which sets should be available within their publication and if there are custom sets specific for their publication, they can easily add custom sets as well. 

  • Improved player handling of HLS
  • Removed autoplay override from channels
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails having no size
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails being handled incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails cover mode
  • Fixed an issue where a menu in the interactive studio showed behind the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue with default language not showing in default subtitle setting OVP
  • Fixed an issue with the control bar flickering when hovering the area of the control bar


  • Fixed a situation where pausing the video makes it almost invisible on Android
  • The share button is now hidden when not set
  • Renamed the control bar play button to prevent conflicts
  • Improved AutoPlayNext
  • Default subtitles are now automatically selected when available