Release 7.100 07/02/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.100 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Subtitle editor

For our subtitle editor, we’re introducing a new interface that provides editors with a more intuitive and less error prone way of managing their subtitles. This interface allows the editor to add subtitle lines in a more visual way with a direct preview of their changes.

  • Introduced a fallback mechanism when requesting a thumbnail that isn’t available for a media clip
  • Improved flow analysis performance for contexts.
  • The playlist RSS feed tab now contains a website field that can be included for VODcasts
  • Fixed an issue with a Google maps console error
  • Fixed an issue where changes made in a text widget are ignored after directly clicking on another widget
  • Fixed an issue with missing adapter logos in the Prebid section
  • Fixed an issue with bidder aliasing missing in the Prebid section
  • Fixed an issue with ad indication showing in interactive outstream ads
  • Fixed an issue with clip list thumbnail
  • Fixed an issue with playing related items after a 360 video
  • Fixed an issue with english audio tracks not getting a label
  • Fixed player floating on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue with the context menu settings in the player skin
  • Fixed an issue with the subtitle toggle not always working properly
  • Fixed an issue with the logged initiator in the new player skin


  • Upgraded to Ktor 2.0
  • Improved SDK stat logging for Live and Autoplay
  • Fixed an issue with programmatically going full screen on iOS