Release 7.52 09/03/2021

We’re pleased to release the 7.52 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • We introduced a new option when configuring the in/out view settings for a playout that allows you to float the player to a specific dom element on your page. This give you more control over where the player will be placed when the user scrolls through your page.
  • We now show the numbers of listeners to a specific live audio stream (Icecast)
  • We now allow you to add a copyright field to the RSS configuration of a (smart) playlist
  • Fixed interactive datasources not always updating correctly when using a project
  • Fixed searches in the dropdown selector that included numbers not always working correctly
  • Fixed SIMIDPlayer Google Analytics logging (SHA1 error)
  • Fixed Channel embed for white-labeled publications
  • Fixed an issue where not all non-public fields were hidden from public output
  • Fixed a typo in live-ingest scheduler
  • Fixed the viewers not being shown on the project stats page
  • No longer show grey square on embed type dropdown
  • Youtube video fails to play occasionally, unless muted
  • Removed Jet-Stream hack preventing playback of mp3’s
  • Improved SDK/Player Outstream resize events