Release 7.38 10/08/2020

We’re pleased to release version 3.38 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Blue Billywig is launching the first production SIMID player in the industry, available in the Embed windows of the VAST Service screen. SIMID tags can now be used (and tested) as easily as VPAID tags.
  • The player now logs viewer actions like changing the audio language, changing subtitle langue, and Sharing. As this data is gathered, these options can be filtered on in the Analytics screen, under the heading Player Functions.
  • It’s now possible to switch tabs in the Project Performance screen before the page has finished loading.
  • Reports are generated faster on publications with many mediaclips
  • In the Interactive Video Studio it’s now possible to delete Messages from the right-click menu
  • The presets in the Date Range picker are more sensible: ‘Half year to date’ has been replaced with the more sensible ‘Last six months’.
  • Further, ‘this week’, ‘this month’ and ‘this year’ presets have been added back to the date range selected in the Ad Services pages
  • The sidebar in Project Details now shows select KPIs
  • ID5 user IDs can now be configured in Prebid auctions
  • Auto-publish now works for media other than video
  • Fixed the limit parameter sometimes not working on search queries
  • Fixed OVP styling issues with some dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue where you would see a moving thumbnail after a clip finished playing
  • Fixed uncommon cases where previews in the OVP caused a view to be logged in stats
  • Fixed an issue with the renderer not properly adjusting to all configuration options
  • Fixed showing placeholder text and CTA at the same time