Release 7.32 29/05/2020

We’re pleased to release version 7.32 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • The Blue Billywig Bid Adapter module is now available in Prebid.js version 3.19
  • Support for DfP playlists in Blue Billywig IMA SDK
  • KPI metrics can now be configured with Monthly Goals
  • Date range selections are now persistent between the Line Items list and details screen
  • When Publications are configured to support sort-by-views, Playlists can be configured to sort their results by most- or least-viewed
  • The VPAID player supports showing subtitles automatically when the player is muted
  • Fixed persistent error messages after successful uploads to YouTube
  • Fixed an issue with completion rates on creatives being off
  • Fixed an issue with the player getting stuck while running under very strict cookie settings
  • Fixed an issue where the working state of a template wasn’t reflected in the clip interactivity timeline
  • Fixed a YouTube metadata update issue
  • Fixed a bug that caused cloned images smaller than 1kb to lack a sourcefile.
  • Fixed the OVP console giving errors on floating of player
  • Fixed an issue where the close button for always float players would not show
  • Fixed an issue with cliplists not always returning enough mediaclips
  • Fixed an issue with the player incorrectly throwing an error when rendering a won Prebid auction
  • Fixed a project embed data issue
  • Fixed removing social item for normal user