Release 7.30 20/04/2020

We’re pleased to release version 7.30 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • To support our clients who use Blue Billywig’s Live Video features for training and corporate communications, we’ve built a simple and easy-to-use chat function right into the player, so viewers can respond and ask questions during the livestream.
  • Suggests 2.0: It’s now possible to embed a clip-list which will filter its contents based on the metadata of the page it’s embedded on, and skip previously-seen items.
  • The advanced reports screen now has a clearer preview of the query results, and shows an error message if the report can’t be downloaded.
  • Floating InArticle ads can now be configured to maintain a set distance from the bottom of the browser window
  • Worked around player not starting on certain Android devices
  • Fixed a bug where some custom fields were not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t make RTMPS restreams
  • Fixed a bug with the import of external items