Release 7.29 06/04/2020

We’re pleased to release version 7.29 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Blue Billywig Bid Adapter: In addition to offering the ability to configure other bid adapters in a publication we now also offer our own advanced bid adapter.
  • Cross-publication cloning of projects, media clips, interactive templates and dependent and associated file. Available as a service (please get in touch with your contact at Blue Billywig) it’s now possible to make a duplicate of the full, hierarchical list of necessary files and all their dependents — even across publications!
  • Interactive template management within the OVP: users with access to the Interactive Video Editing features can now edit (and clone) Interactive Templates from within the Media Library.
  • Livestream recording is now also available to customers who don’t use Blue Billywig’s transcoding features
  • Floating InArticle ads can now be configured to maintain a set distance from the bottom of the browser window
  • Fixed an issue with the import API
  • Fixed the date-picker sometimes not showing the correct date in the calendar
  • Fixed a situation where outstream players with “Always float” wouldn’t start automatically
  • Fixed that the player “float from top” options did not use the “distance from top” value
  • Fixed player ability to load draft clip while previewing
  • Fixed consent manager (__cmp) on exit
  • Fixed a bug that did not recognize geo-restriction errors
  • Fixed a bug that did not create assets for newly uploaded fonts
  • Fixed a bug that failed to save a mediaclip that has a numeric sourceid
  • Fixed an issue that URL imports would not publish automatically if the checkbox was ticked
  • Fixed bug that set mediatypes with a valid src to ‘isEmpty’.