Release 7.25 10/02/2020

We’re pleased to release version 7.25 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Adaptive HLS is available on publications configured to use HLS.
  • When exporting a clip to YouTube, a warning is displayed when a channel is selected that isn’t correctly configured.
  • Uploads to YouTube show their progress.
  • A ‘show engagement’ button has been added to the sidebar of the Mediaclip Details screen on clips with interactivity.
  • On iOS, fullscreen videos auto-rotate to best fill the viewer’s device screen.
  • Playlist Details have been improved; the Title field is now on the first tab, and filters have been added to the Static Playlist list.
  • Fixed the Add All To Worklist button in the static playlist screen
  • Fixed an issue with stream stability
  • Resolved a problem in correctly detecting some .mp3 files Fixed Player playing state after Gapless Load on mobile
  • Improved mouse-leave handling on mobile
  • Fixed a bug that allowed empty files to be exported to YT
  • Fixed an issue with advertisements in front of live streams on Chrome