Release 7.18 04/11/2019

We’re pleased to release version 7.18 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • In the Playouts Behaviour tab it’s now possible to select Float to Top Right and Float to Top Left as options under Sticky
  • The layout of the Upload & Transcode > 360 Video tab is more consistent
  • The Import Upload & Transcode > Import from Publication now includes the Media Library filters and presets
  • The Recently Uploaded tab has been removed from Upload & Transcode
  • The transcoding progress of uploaded and imported tracks is now displayed directly in the Media Library
  • The Mediaclip Details sidebar now shows the imported URL for videos imported from other sources
  • Subtitles and audiotracks uploaded in the Mediaclip Detail > Languages tab are now automatically set to Published and can can all be saved with the page’s Save button in the bottom-right
  • Prebid configuration now include options to set the Currency and Consent Management
  • Unique visitors are counted more precisely on VPAID ads
  • Fixed the import for authorised users with a different home publication.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of timeline interactivity when loaded with time offset
  • Fixed ad blocker hanging player if 2+ line items
  • Fixed login page video
  • Fixed layout of player option menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused fonts with other types than .ttf to not be successfully uploaded to the OVP
  • Fixed a Rebuild Flowchart bug
  • Fixed issue with resizing the player on mobile devices