Release 7.15 23/09/2019

We’re pleased to release version 7.15 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Import automatic transcripts from YouTube: when a video is imported from YouTube the automatic transcript (if available) is also downloaded and available as a subtitle track option.
  • Playback speed: playouts can now be configured to show ‘playback speed’ as an option, allowing viewers to alter slow down or speed up playback of the video or audio.
  • Livestreams can now be recorded
  • In the Projects Flowchart editor, assigning a Media clip to a Step renames it with the title of the Media clip
  • The Default playout, which is necessary for the Preview to function correctly, can no longer be deleted
  • Fixed Project embed when it has an empty step
  • Fixed AdOnlyAutoPlay for Inview-Play