Release 7.02 25/03/2019

We’re pleased to release version 7.02 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • In the Ad Units screen, the Download (under the date-picker) now includes an additional tab in the Excel worksheet for all VAST stats.
  • In the Media clip, Playlist and Project details screens the Created, Modified and Published dates now also show the e-mail address of the responsible user.
  • Player URLs can now include a timecode string to define the start time, by adding ?t=### to the end of the URL, where ### can be:
    • The number of seconds: ?t=100
    • Hours, minutes, seconds: ?t=00h01m40s
    • SMPTE timecode: ?t=00:01:40.0
  • Fixed player sharing on Safari
  • Fixed an issue with the mediaclip list filters and searches with spaces or titles with colons.
  • Fixed menu items sometimes not working
  • Fixed a bug where clip updates no longer directly updated the worklist version of the clip
  • Fixed vertical ad not scaling correctly
  • Fixed LinkedIn/Facebook sharing on Safari in iframe
  • Fixed the duplication of ad units sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes changing a tab would trigger the ‘leave page’ warning
  • Fixed a problem where the edit screen was left empty after creating a new smart playlist
  • Fixed interactive video issues with the Samsung Internet browser