Release 7.01 11/03/2019

We’re pleased to release version 7.01 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Configure bid adapters and dynamic fields for your entire publication
  • Customize bid adapters and dynamic fields per ad unit
  • Combine waterfall and Prebid in the same ad unit
  • Embed Prebid ad units with a single embedcode.
  • Subtitle tracks in media clips can now be downloaded from the Subtitle list in the media clip’s Languages tab.
  • Fixed a bug where form field names in form data always contained underscores (_) instead of spaces ( )
  • Fixed a bug where no email was sent to a newly created user to set the password
  • Fixed an issue with the Preview link being invalid for new empty Projects
  • Fixed a bug where moving through buttons with the keyboard would select them twice
  • Fixed the project Form Data and Statistic downloader not working with new style interactive projects
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour in the table sort order
  • Fixed custom metadata fields type sometimes changing to a faulty value when managing them