Release 7.42 05/10/2020

We’re pleased to release the version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

  • Interactive Templates can now be added to Playouts, by selecting one in the Miscellaneous tab of the Playout configuration. The template will be displayed when the player is loaded with a non-interactive media clip.
  • Date display in List views, Details sidebars and datepickers are now more consistent, context-sensitive and less ambiguous. On hover, they display the full calendar date & time.
  • The Flowchart editor and Flow Analysis both zoom out to show all steps by default.
  • Click-to-Play player can now display the Big Play button and title
  • The Interactivity Studio can now detect when widgets extend beyond the limit of the clip length and automatically bring their in- and out-points within the range of the current clip.
  • Clips can be published immediately after upload and will play the uploaded source file, until the first transcoded asset is completed.
  • Added SetRelatedClips method on Player API
  • improved canPlayHls check for Android
  • Fixed an issue with unlinking ad units from positions
  • Fixed a bug where the interactive video studio would become unresponsive when referencing a deleted template.
  • Implemented HLS recovery for broken streams
  • Fixed SIMID Player executer calling non-existent
  • Fixed the creation of new users in the new User Roles screen
  • Fixed mediaclip asset paths displaying incorrectly when not being a relative path.
  • Fixed image widgets using datasources for the image ID