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Consent management for demand tags

In 2019, IAB Europe and the IAB Tech Lab announced their newest updates to the TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework). TCF 2.0 enables participants within the programmatic ecosystem to streamline their GDPR compliance.

Use macros to pass through the TCF consent flag and string from any publication that uses a CMP (consent management platform) on their website.

Update demand tags

Queries from demand partners vary, but our macros are standardized across demand partners and can always be used:

  • [gdpr_applies] refers to a 0 or 1 value that tells the demand partner whether GDPR does not apply (0) or if GDPR does apply (1).
  • [consent_string] passes the TC string from the CMP, if it’s available.  This macro is used most frequently, and is the most important to demand partners.

Macro examples

Each demand partner requests consent in a different way, but here are some common examples and how the macros can be used:

  • https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads?iu=/XXXXXXXX/URL&description_url=[url]&tfcd=0&npa=0&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&env=vp&impl=s&correlator=&iab_string=[consent_string]&gdpr_consent=[consent_string]
  • http://ads.stickyadstv.com/vast/vpaid-adapter/XXXXXXXX?_fw_gdpr=[gdpr_applies]&_fw_gdpr_consent=[consent_string]
  • https://vid.pubmatic.com/AdServer/AdServerServlet?adtype=13&pubId=XXXXXX&siteId=XXXXXX&adId=XXXXXXX&vadFmt=2&vminl=1&vmaxl=120&vh=338&vw=600&placement=3&vtype=1&vpos=1&vplay=2&vskip=0&vcom=0&vfmt=1&sec=1&gdpr=[gdpr_applies]&gdpr_consent=[consent_string]
  • https://secure.adnxs.com/ptv?id=XXXXXXXX&gdpr=[gdpr_applies]&gdpr_consent=[consent_string]
Other macros

This article deals exclusively with macros related to consent management. Read more about macros in our support article about line item settings

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