Online Video Platform

Are audiofiles supported by the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform?

Yes, audiofiles are supported, you can upload them in the same way as you can videofiles. The most common audio codecs are supported. These are:

  • PCM, uncompressed audio.
  • MP3, compressed audio.
  • AAC, compressed audio.
  • AC-3, Dolby Digital. Will be downmixed to two-channel audio.
  • WMA pro.
Are there limits to the number of languages we can use for the subtitles?

By default, you’ll be able to choose between English, Dutch, Swedish, German, French and Spanish as the subtitle language. If you want to add additional languages, please contact your account manager or support@bluebillywig.com.

Can I upload several videos simultaneously?

Yes, you can select multiple videos on your (network)disks and upload them all in one go.

Can I have (MRSS) feeds imported directly into the Online Video Platform?

Yes you can, If you deliver us a standardised (MRSS) feed. When using (m)rss please check whether your feed is valid: http://www.feedvalidator.org/ We can virtually import any RSS, XML or Json based feed containing video items. A typical feed contains 10-50 items and is updated periodically. If you have more items, please provide pagination or a way to limit the amount of items returned. Make sure your feed contains the following details for each video:

  • Unique identifier.  Mandatory. This is used to verify whether a video already exists in the VMS or needs to be updated.
  • Title. Mandatory.
  • Description. Optional.
  • Category. Optional.
  • Keywords. Optional.
  • Video url. Mandatory. This is the link to the video source file.
  • Image url. Optional. This is used as the main video thumbnail. If no image is provided, the VMS will generate a set of thumbnails.
  • Updated date. Optional, but highly recommended. Without an updated date we are not able to determine whether a video item or metadata has been updated, hence not updating the item in the VMS.

Any other metadata provided could be stored in custom fields, depending on your needs. Please also provide us the following information:

  • How often is your feed updated? (Usually we check feeds every 5 minutes.)
  • Is it a true feed where new items appear periodically, or is it a one-time migration of a video archive?
  • Do we need to update the metadata in the VMS when an item is updated in the feed? (Manual changes in the VMS will be overwritten.) 
  • Should a video be published or draft by default?
  • Will videos expire after a certain date or amount of time? Videos will remain published, but not available to the public.
  • Should videos automatically be deleted after a certain date or amount of time?
Can I add custom metadata fields?

Yes, most of our customers use custom metadata fields to make use of their current workflow to publish video more easily. Please contact Blue Billywig to find out how you can add more metadata fields and connect them to current systems.

Player / Playlist embedding

What is a playout?

A playout contains all the settings needed to determine how the player looks and behaves. Learn more about playouts.

I put the embed code on my website, but the video doesn’t play?

Only published clips can be played in the player. By default, clips are drafter after upload is complete. Please change the status to “published” and save.

Interactive Studio

Can I go back to a previous version?

At the bottom left, you’ll see ‘History’. Click here to go back to a previous version. You can go back to an autosaved, draft or published version.

Previous Version

My video shifted inside the canvas

Click on the magnifying glass in the lower right corner of your canvas, exactly between minus and plus sign. The image now adjusts itself to the size of your canvas.

Shifted Video

How do I organise interactive elements?

Organise your interactivity by using filters. At the bottom left you can filter based on various categories, such as ‘images’. In addition, you can search on (part of) a name. This is an easy way to find a specific element.

Organise Buttons