Release 7.109 13/06/2023

We’re pleased to release the 7.109 version of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

React improvements

We’re continuing the effort of improving React to make it even more relevant and usable for ourselves and our clients. This sprint we’ve added:

  • Inbox mechanism – Users of React receive a lot of feedback from their stakeholders, so we’ve added an inbox that shows the latest comments. This will make it easier for them to see everything that happens since their last visit.
  • Adjusted our image sizing for podcasts to modern standards.
  • We’ve improved the behaviour of the Player component in Channels for small(er) devices.
  • We’ve improved the design of our Search bar in Channels when a Channel is set to light mode.
  • We’ve improved the accuracy of the progress bar when using it to scrub through media clips.
  • Fixed an issue with video sitemaps in specific cases, improving SEO.
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields not appearing in list items.