Release 7.24

We're pleased to release version 7.24 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

The following new features have been added:

  • YouTube's automatically generated captions are now downloaded in the OVP's default language (if available) when a clip is imported from and exported to YouTube.

The following feature have been improved:

  • VPAID stats can now be filtered by completion quartile
  • Ad pods now display both time-remaining and the number of shown and remaining ads in the pod

An overview of bugs that were fixed:

  • Fixed live api screens for privileged users
  • Fixed an issue where the player sometimes showed incorrect asset names
  • Fixed VPAID player clickthrough in iframe / 3rd-party player
  • Fixed subtitle font size sometimes displaying too big
  • Fixed a bug that showed the YouTube-logo and -name on non-YouTube import URLs
  • New subtitles now retain their correct names after replacing the source file
  • Fixed an issue with the loading of thumbnails
  • Refactored YouTube import flow to avoid too many import requests to the server
  • Fixed disabled ad units still working
  • Fixed display of Youtube details in upload-box when item is downloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the selector dropdown sometimes wouldn't show results