Release 6.57

We've released service release version 6.57.
This release introduces a major upgrade to Project Analytics:

With Flow Analysis our users can visually inspect the flow of their viewers through multi-clip interactive projects. The Navigation data that was previously presented in table form is now also presented as flow-lines whose thickness indicates the proportion of viewership. Clips can be dragged within their column to make the connections better visible, and clicked to recalibrate how line thickness is calculated to better analyse user flows farther down the line.

Several existing features have been improved:

  • AirPlay and Chromecast button is automatically hidden on interactive video
  • Device info on Android devices can be passed on to improve fill rates
  • Customizable call-to-action buttons now replace the 'learn more' button that Google IMA ads mandate on mobile.

An overview of bugs that were fixed:

  • Fixed ad problem with the Skip Ad button in some ad playback situations
  • Fixed an issue affecting the downloading of form data
  • Fixed an uncommon issue where Live video streams wouldn't start
  • made media widgets that don't start finish nonetheless