Performance data for ad services and timeline customers unavailable

We have detected an issue with our performance data backend. Some performance data can't be accessed through the OVP's Statistics screens. There has been no data loss. All performance data continues to be collected as normal. The root cause and prognosis are actively being investigated. We'll update this ticket when more information is available.

Update 14:19 After investigation, the root cause has been identified, and confirmed to be less significant than anticipated. We're happy to report that we currently expect to return to normal service by COB today.

Update 15:36 Access to historical statistics up to today has been restored and is accessible to all customers in their dashboard. We're re-calculating the stats collected for the duration of the incident (approx. 12PM to 4PM CET).

Update 16:54 Reimporting the performance data of this afternoon is proceeding and expected to be fully integrated into the stats data later today. The root cause has been thoroughly reviewed and steps have been taken to prevent future occurrences.