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Uploading and Publishing (360 video)

1.0 | Uploading a 360 video

Navigate to Media Library > Upload & Transcode > 360 Video and select the file you’d like to upload.  Transcoding happens automatically after a clip has been uploaded. This process can be monitored on the [Upload & Transcode] page for recently uploaded clips, and on the individual clip edit page.

2.0 | Update clip metadata

Head to the Media Clip page by either clicking the “Edit Mediaclip” button on the upload tab or by navigating to Media Library > Media Clips and searching for your clip.

On this page, you can update the title of your clip, add in a deep link, update metadata and tags, and more.  Be sure to give your clip an easily identifiable title and thumbnail so that your viewers have a good idea of what kind of content is being displayed to them.  Don’t forget to save your changes!

3.0 | Publishing a 360 video

When you’re ready to set your clip live, toggle the Publish switch on the top right of the screen to Published and then click Save.


360 Video isn’t enabled for every account. If you don’t see the options listed above, please reach out to support@bluebillywig.com so that we can set you up to ingest and display 360 videos.

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