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Player Start and End Screen

1.0 Start and End screen

To access the Start and Endscreen, go to Playouts. In the third tab, you will find the options to customise your start and end screen.

1.1 | Start screen

The following options are available to customise the start screen:

  • Show big play button
    Tick or untick this box to to hide or show the play button.Big Play Button
  • Title
    The title of your video. Hide, show on start, or show on start & pause.
  • Author & copyright
    The author and copyright of your video. Hide, show on start, or show on start & pause.
  • Author & copyright prefix text
    Text that can be displayed as a prefix to the author & copyright. Default text is source:.
  • Disable moving thumbnail
    By default, any time a new video is uploaded to the platform, a moving thumbnail will be generated. On desktop, the thumbnail will animate when viewers hover their cursor over the video player and on mobile devices the thumbnail animates once the video is in view. The moving thumbnail skips the first two seconds of the video and then plays the following five seconds in a loop. Check this box to disable moving thumbnail and display a static thumbnail instead.

Start Screen

1.2 | End screen

The end screen is what is shown to a viewer when the video is finished.

  • Show last video frame
    By default, the thumbnail image will be shown on the endscreen. Enable this to show the last frame of the video instead
  • Show big replay button
    Gives the user the option to replay content.
  • Automatically play next clip
    You can choose to automatically play the next clip and/or show related clips by ticking the boxes. The next clip will start playing immediately after.
  • Show related items
    Select a Playlist for related items to determine the related clips that can be shown. When no playlist is selected, the player will select a related item based on relevant metadata.
  • Randomize related items
    Selecting this plays the playlist clips in a random order.
  • Use Deeplink for related items
    Select this to send the viewer to the deeplink associated with the related clip. When this option is not selected, related clips will play in the player on the current page.

Updated on August 24, 2020

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