Prebid Configuration

In your Ad Unit, there’s a tab next to General settings for Prebid settings.  When you navigate here, you’ll be able to configure the modules that make up Prebid settings for this particular Ad Unit.

1.0 | Auction

  • The Auction section allows you to enable the Ad Unit to run a Prebid auction.  Make sure that you enable this section by toggling the button to green.
  • Context allows you to select the type of Ad Unit you’re working with.  You can choose between instream and outstream.
  • The Max Video Duration defines the maximum video ad duration in seconds.
  • Bidder Timeout sets the amount of time that bidders are allowed to respond before they are no longer considered for the auction.
  • Device Access prevents the Prebid auction from reading or writing cookies or HTML local storage.

Prebid Configuration - Auction

  • Timeout is the length of time to allow the CMP to obtain the GDPR consent string.
  • Allow Auction Without Consent determines what happens if obtaining consent information from the CMP fails–Either allowing the auction to proceed without consent or cancelling the auction altogether.
  • Default GDPR Scope defines what the gdprApplies flag should be when the CMP doesn’t respond in time.
  • The Purpose section allows you to define “storage” as TCF Purpose 1.
  • Enforce Purpose determines whether to enforce the purpose consent or not.
  • Enforce Vendor determines whether to enforce vendor signals for this purpose or not.
  • Vendor Exceptions defines a list of biddercodes or module names that are exempt from the enforcement of this Purpose.

Prebid Configuration - Consent Management

3.0 | Currency

  • The Currency module supports the conversion of multiple bidder currencies into a single currency used by an ad server.

Prebid Configuration - Currency

4.0 | Bidders

  • The rest of the modules on this page allow you to enter your specific account information in order to enable as many bidders as you’d like.  You may need to get in touch with your account manager for the demand sources in order to obtain all the necessary information. 
  • Each bidder has a section for CPM Adjustment Multiplier.  This refers to the revenue share that you have with the demand partner and will result in the Net CPM to be taken into account during the Prebid auction.

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