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Creating and Adding a Prebid Line Item

When your bidders are configured and activated, you’ll need to add a Prebid Line Item to the waterfall for this Ad Unit.  To create the Line Item, first navigate to the Line Items section on the left side of the page and then click “Create New Line Item”.  Name your Line Item something like “Prebid Auction”, make sure it’s enabled, then Select “Use Prebid.js” and “Directly Use Winning Bid”, and then click “Save”. 

Prebid Line Item

Now all that’s left is to assign this Line Item to the Ad Unit.  To do this, go to an Ad Unit in the Ad Services section, and under the Assigned Line Items section, click “Assign Line Item”.  Search for your Prebid Line Item and select it.  Make sure you save the page, and you’re ready to run a Prebid auction!

Assigning Line Item

Your account may not be enabled for Prebid yet. If you don’t see these settings in your account, please reach out to your Account Manager or email support@bluebillywig.com.

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