Playlists are an ordered collection of mediaclips in the online video platform publication. Mediaclips in a regular playlist can be added, removed and ordered manually.

Smart playlists

In addition to playlists that contain a number of manually added clips, the OVP features smart playlists. These playlists contain mediaclips that are dynamically added to the playlist via a set of filters. It is possible to filter on media type, tags, title, and many more. The maximum length of a smart playlist can be adjusted, along with a sorting criteria.

Smart playlists are automatically updated when new or changed mediaclips match (or don't match) the filters, thus will always provide an up-to-date list.

Solr query filter

For expert users, the OVP features the ability to use a custom Solr query. A detailed description regarding available fields in the Solr query is provided in the interface itself. The official Solr documentation can be found here.


It is possible to play a playlist in the Blue Billywig Player. The first mediaclip will be played, followed by the next mediaclip in order. Another use for playlists is the related items list that appears in the player when a mediaclip has finished. When a playlist is selected in the specific playout settings, the clips from that playlist are used in the related items, with an option to randomise the order.


A Vodcast URL can be generated for all playlists. The vodcast URL is created using the playlist ID:

http://<your environment><playlist id>