Custom meta data fields

Custom meta data fields can be added to media clips. Please contact Blue Billywig if you want to add or change any meta data fields. The following field types can be added:

text field

single line text field

text area

multi line text field


yes/no toggle


There are two versions of this field type

  • a fixed list of options / values, you can choose from
  • an extendable list of values, where you can choose of on of the existing values, or add new ones

List fields can be configured to be single or multi select, meaning either one value can be selected, or multiple.


A field where you can create a relation to one or more (other) media clips. The media clips that can be chosen can be limited to clips of a specific media type (e.g. video, audio and/or images) or of a specific use type (editorial / creative)


date field (without time)


color picker