A template is a model of a widget with a certain configuration. This can be used to quickly populate a new widget.

Choose template

Figure 6.1 Choose template

6.1 Reuse widget configuration

The configuration of the template will be transferred to the current widget. A template can be used to quickly assign a widget type, and its saved configuration, to any widget using the load from template drop-down box. The templates have no relation to the widget from which it was created, thus changing that widget's configuration will not change the saved template.

6.2 Saving widget configuration

To save a widget as a template, press the save as template button at the bottom of the configuration screen and the configuration will be saved as a named template.

6.3 Managing templates

Next to the "load from template" drop-down box there is a blue information button. When this button is clicked a window will open showing all the widget templates.

Remove template

Figure 6.2 Remove template

Remove templates by clicking the red delete button in the widget templates screen.