Groups can be used to quickly show or hide a collection of widgets.

5.1 The groups panel

The groups panel can be used to create new groups, rename groups and add or remove widgets from a group. To open the groups panel you press the groups button below the widget information pane.


Figure 5.1 Buttons

This will open up the groups panel:


Figure 5.2 Buttons

  1. Creates a new group, either a group from selected widgets or an empty group.
  2. Add selected widget(s) to group. Will only show up when widget(s) are not already in the group.
  3. Group: click the group to select all widgets in the group. Double click the group name to rename the group.
  4. Shows the amount of widgets in the group.
  5. Toggle exclusive visibility of all the widgets in the group: hides all other widgets besides the ones in the group. This can be used to quickly identify the widgets on the Stage.
  6. Removes the group. Widgets will not be removed, only the group is removed.
  7. Shows a list of widgets that the group contains.
  8. Removes a single widget from group. The widget itself will not be removed, it is only removed from the group.

5.2 Targeting groups with actions

Using groups makes it possible to target the whole group using an action. When you configure an action, you can use a group action to quickly show or hide all the widgets in the group.

Group actions

Figure 5.3 Group actions

You simply select a group action, choose the group and select show or hide.

Group action detail

Figure 5.4 Group action detail