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Embedding an interactive video Project

There are two ways of previewing and embedding your interactive video Project–either by selecting the first media clip in the Project or by selecting the entire Project.

If you have an interactive video with multiple clips and you want to be able to view the analytics of all the separate clips as one video, we recommend embedding a Project. In this article we focus on doing just this. You can learn more about embedding media clips here.

Embedding a project

1.0 | Select a Playout

In the Projects section of the Media Library page, open the Project page you’d like to preview and select the Embed tab. This page is divided in three parts. On the left side, select a playout, which will determine how the player looks and behaves. You can learn more about customising a playout here.

2.0 | Preview your Project

Once you’ve selected the right playout, you can click on the play button to preview your project. Alternatively, you can click on the Open preview button to preview the project in a new tab.

This link can also be used to share the preview of your video with colleagues or people outside of your organisation who don’t have access to the platform.

3.0 | Embedding your Project

To embed the Project on your website you’ll need an embed code. In the embed tab, select a playout that the player should use on the webpage. Both Javascript and iFrame embeds are supported, but when given the option, we recommend using Javascript embed scripts.

Updated on August 25, 2020

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