Main screen

After successfully logging in the screen will show the image below, or something similar.

Main screen

Figure 3.1 Main screen

On the left of the screen the menu is shown. This menu consists of Publications, Enterprise Users, Add Publication, Analytics, A number of VMS publications and a Log Out button.

On the right the usage statistics overview is shown, which will show the number of clips uploaded on a monthly basis (Media Created) as well as the total number of clips on disk (Media Stored).

Below the Media Created graph is the Publications and Sharing tab. This is used to share media clips between publications.

3.1 Publications and Sharing

Sharing clips is used to upload a clip once and reuse the clip in more than one publication.

Publications and Sharing

Figure 3.2 Publications and Sharing

To add a publication to share with press the Share with: checkbox, which will show a dropdown showing all the publications within this publisher. Select the publication to share with from the checkbox.

Removing a publication to share with is done by pressing the (x) next to the publication, in the Share content with row.