Release 7.27

We're pleased to release version 7.27 of the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

The following feature have been added:

  • It's now possible to configure Ad Units to have the player to perform an action when a viewer's mouse has hovered over an ad for a certain amount of time, to increase engagement.

The following feature have been improved:

  • A new sticky option has been added to Playouts: Float to top center only when scrolling down
  • YouTube importing provides better information about the availability of importing service from YouTube.

An overview of bugs that were fixed:

  • Fixed a bug which falsely interprets the YouTube export quotum reached for the day as an unauthenticated channel, while this is not the case.
  • Sanitized the native fullscreen player behavior on mobile
  • Fixed doubleclicking on line items not working.
  • Fixed a bug that cause importitems to be incorrectly indexed in Solr.
  • Fixed an issue where player didn't start floating properly
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a description of more than 5000 characters to be send to YouTube, which failed
  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-video files to be imported as clips.
  • Fixed load & seek on Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with BBPrebid running in iframes
  • Fixed roles checkboxes in the User edit screen sometimes not show the correct active roles
  • Fixed player controls background shade being visible when it should not
  • Fixed a performance issue with the realtime stats api
  • Fixed dates in the datepicker presets sometimes not updating.
  • Fixed updating the project step title with the arrow button.
  • Fixed an issue with control bar autohide on mobile
  • Fixed a HLS clip redirect issue