Release 6.56

We've released service release version 6.56. Release 6.55 was passed over to minimize the potential impact of changes during the end-of-year holidays.

Several improvements were made and new features were added:

  • With the launch of a BB Gradle item, Android app developers can use the Blue Billywig Player as a component in their apps.
  • Chromecast support has been added to the player and can be configured in Playout Settings as a single 'cast' button.
  • Base64 encoding (in, for example, URL parameters) are now decoded in UTF-8
  • Updated default settings for new Playouts to a more modern look for customization.

An overview of bugs that were fixed:

  • Android SDK supports for Android 9
  • Fixed the floating player sometimes not working in Internet Explorer
  • Outstream ads no longer show a Replay button in the control bar when the ad isn't hosted by Blue Billywig
  • Fixed Sharing-, Casting-, and Settings buttons not being visible for audio clip
  • Fixed issues with multiword tags