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To gain more exposure for your videos, the Blue Billywig Video platform offers an easy method to export videos (manually or automatically) to your YouTube channels and add them to existing YouTube playlists (optional).


Interactive videos cannot be exported to the YouTube platform as YouTube currently does not support advanced interactivity.

Replacing videos

Due to Google policy, videos uploaded and published videos on the YouTube platform cannot be replaced. When replacing a source file in the Online Video Platform it is necessary to manually remove and re-export your video to YouTube.

1.0 Set up YouTube Export

To get started with exporting to YouTube:

  • In the OVP click “Media library”
  • In the left menu panel select the “Social” tab;

Export Feature

  • Add a new YouTube channel:

Export Feature

  • Authenticate by clicking the Authenticate button and log-in to the Google account you wish to use;

Export Feature

  • Authorize the Blue Billywig API to manage your YouTube account;

Export Feature

After authorizing is complete, you can start setting the following:

  • Channel description (optional)
    Enter a name for the channel to easily manage multiple export channels
  • YouTube playlist (optional)
    Add videos immediately to existing playlists by selecting them in the dropdown menu.
  • YouTube privacy setting:
    • Public (default): anybody can see your exported video on YouTube
    • Unlisted: the exported video will not show up in search results or on your channel.
    • Private: only those you invite can view the exported video on YouTube
  • Category:
    Choose a category for your channel. This category will be applied to the exported videos so that viewers can find it more easily on YouTube.
  • Status:
    In the upper right corner, enable the channel settings by selecting “Active” and save your progress. The channel settings should display the channel icon as well as indicate that the channel is authenticated.

Export feature


2.0 Export videos to a YouTube channel

There are two ways to export videos to your channel:

    • Manually exporting individual videos
    • Automatically syncing videos (using filters or Blue Billywig playlists)

2.1 | Manually export individual videos

    • In the Media Library, select a clip you want to export to YouTube
    • Head over to the “Social” tab and select your YouTube channel

export feature

    • The export status will be displayed in the “Social” tab for this particular mediaclip, as well as in the “Social” channel interface where you just configured the YouTube channel settings:

export feature
export feature

    • Mediaclips will be added to the YouTube export queue immediately. Head over to your YouTube to see the videos appear shortly after.

2.2 | Automated Syncing

Instead of manually exporting mediaclips, it’s also possible to automatically export videos that pass a certain metadata filter or that are part of a Blue Billywig playlist:

  • In the left panel menu click “Social” and select your channel
  • Head over the “Automated syncing” tab and enable automated syncing by ticking the checkbox;
  • The easiest way is to automatically export videos to your channel is by using the playlist option (read more about creating playlists).

export feature

  • It is also possible to automatically export mediaclips that pass a specific metadata filter.

export feature

  • Use a SOLR-query for more advanced filtering.
  • Do not forget activate your channel in the upper right corner and click “save”.
  • Mediaclips will be added to the YouTube export queue as soon as they meet the specified filter or when they are added to a playlist. Head over to your YouTube to see the videos appear shortly after:

export feature


There are some required fields and character limits that apply to certain properties:

  • The video title is required and has a max length of 100 characters and may contain all valid UTF-8 characters except “<” and “>”.
  • The video description has a max length of 5000 bytes and may contain all valid UTF-8 characters except “<” and “>”.
  • The list of tags has a max length of 500 characters

3.0 Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

By using Blue Billywig’s YouTube export functionality you are agreeing to the YouTube Terms of Service and accept Google’s Privacy Policy as well as the “Privacy policy for Blue Billywig’s YouTube-export functionality” stated below.


Privacy policy for Blue Billywig’s YouTube-export feature:

  • Blue Billywig’s API client uses Youtube API services;
  • You consent to Blue Billywig using your credentials (authorized data) to post and retrieve data using the YouTube API. By this consent you grant Blue Billywig the right to:
    • See, edit and permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments and captions;
    • View and manage your assets and associated content on YouTube;
    • Manage your YouTube account;
  • Blue Billywig will only use part of these grants. Blue Billywig will upload selected video’s and its metadata as well as delete videos and metadata that were uploaded using this functionality once the user specifically initiates this in the platform.
  • By using this functionality, you consent to Blue Billywig saving your authorized data as long as the functionality is used, authorized data is removed from our system when the functionality is disabled or removed. If you are unable to withdraw rights using our platform YouTube offers you the possibility to withdraw out the rights granted to the Blue Billywig API by visiting and changing the Google security settings. https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions
  • Blue Billywig will only store data on its servers for this service that is needed for delivering full functionality of the service. In this case that means: credentials for using the API, selected upload channel, selected privacy setting for uploaded videos, category.
  • Blue Billywig will only use this data for delivering services to you, this data is never shared outside Blue Billywig;
  • BlueBillywig does not allow third parties to serve content, including advertisements;
  • Blue Billywig will only collect data from a user’s device where necessary and only to improve its services or support its users. This data is general and no fingerprinting is done. Only functional cookies are set;
  • If you have any questions or complaints around the use of Blue Billywig’s YouTube-exporter or our use of your authorized data please contact support@bluebillywig.com by mail or use the lifebuoy icon inside the platform (top-right) to contact support.

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