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Mediaplayer Embed service

Service that provides the embedcode for five different situations: default javascript, iframe, oEmbed, email, or a fallbackimage

The Mediaplayer Embed Service delivers the embed code to be used in five situations:

  • javascript
    This is the default embed code that delivers players and content on websites or in apps.
  • iframe
    This Standalone/HTML embed code wraps around the Javascript embed code and can be used to link straight to a VMS video, or to include a VMS video in an iframe.
  • oembed
    This option returns the oEmbed URL which can be used to embed a video using oEmbed code. For more information please see oEmbed Service.
  • email
    This Scriptless HTML embed code can be used to include a VMS video or a fallback screenshot of the video in an email.When the HTML5 video tag is supported the video will be embedded. When the video tag is not supported by the email client a fallback screenshot of the player is automatically generated and linked to either the deeplink provided in the VMS or the default player presentation page when no deeplink is available. The VMS deeplink can also be overruled using the query string deeplink=directplay in which case the fallback image will link to the default player presentation page where the video will automatically start to play.When the clip contains a timeline, the fallbackimage output will automatically be chosen as interactive videos are not supported in email clients.
  • fallbackimage
    This Scriptless HTML embed code can be used in situations where just the fallback screenshot is needed. The screenshot links to the video in the same way as the email the screenshot does in the email situation above.

The default output of the Mediaplayer Embed Service is a JSON encoded string containing the embedcode. For a preview of the output a view action can be added after the embed type. Several playout related options can be specified/overruled by issueing query string parameters.

/sapi/embedcode/{id}/{playout name}/{embed type}/{action}?[query_string]

Required parameters
{content id}intThe id of the clip
{playout name}stringThe name of the playout to be used
{embed type}stringSituation for which de embedcode is needed: javascript, iframe, email, fallbackimage
Optional parameters
{action}stringAdding view will return a preview of the embedcode. Adding get will return the embedcode in a JSON encoded string, which is also the default output if no action is provided
[query_string]stringSeveral options. eg. width, height, deeplink (only for the email embed code), thumbWidth, thumbHeight (only for the oEmbed URL)
Updated on August 25, 2020

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