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Embed-Code Parameters (Monetization)

Most playout settings can be overridden by embed-code parameters. Moreover, a selected subset of settings can be made exclusively by using an embed-code parameter:

dfp_adunit_l1Stringlevel-1 ad unit
dfp_adunit_l2Stringlevel-2 ad unit
dfp_adunit_l3Stringlevel-3 ad unit
dfp_adunit_l4Stringlevel-4 ad unit
dfp_adunit_l5Stringlevel-5 ad unit

1.1 | Embed-Code Parameters for Commercial Targeting

Often when targeting commercials, custom macros are needed. Since v5.35, the player implements this facility, substituting %%<key>%% with the value part of the macro_<key>=<value> embed-code parameter.

An example: If we have an ad tag url
booked in the preroll position of the default playout, then embedding the player with
results in the player requesting a preroll ad from

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