Ad Unit Settings

Create an Ad Unit:

  • Click on the “Ad Services” tab on the top toolbar
  • Click “Create New”
  • Select one of the Instream formats:
    • Preroll
    • Postroll
    • Overlay
    • VMAP (midroll)

1: Ad Unit Settings

  • In the "General" tab edit
  • Title: The name of your Ad Unit format
  • Code: The reference to the ad unit (Will default to your Title)
  • Description (optional): Describe what the Preroll will be used for

2: CTA Settings

  • CTA text: Type in your Call to Action text
  • Midplay CTA: Enable CTA text midplay by selecting “Show” option
  • CTA position: Select a Call to Action position
  • Exitscreen CTA: Enable Call to Action on the exit screen by selecting “Show” option in the drop down menu. Use CTA background color and CTA highlight color to customise CTA

3: Preroll Settings

  • Choose either a playout or a media clip to define where this AdUnit will run on.
  • Commercial behaviour: By default, the commercial will attempt to play once per load. By enabling ‘Once per session” or “Once per clip” you can restrict commercial behaviour.
  • Minimum clip duration for preroll: The minimum clip duration in seconds required for a preroll to initiate.
  • Allow Skipping: Allow the user to skip the ad after “x” seconds.

4: Display Settings

  • Controls visibility: By default the control bar is automatically hidden on play with no mouse action and on pause. You can enable the control bar to always show or hide.
  • Show play/pause button: Enable play/pause button on the control bar
  • Show mute/unmute button: Enable mute/unmute button
  • Sow progress bar: By default, the progress bar is enabled. With this setting you can disable the control bar. If you do, previously enabled play/show and/or mute/unmute buttons will remain enabled.
  • Progress bar color: Set up the color of the progress bar
  • Text commercial time remaining: Type text you want to appear next to the remaining time of the commercial